Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Following Brian's lead at the Telemetry blog, I'll be posting updates about Granny3D here. If you've stumbled on this blog by accident, here's a brief introduction to what we're all about.

Granny3D is a middleware product from RAD Game Tools. Granny handles data export from Max, Maya, and XSI, and runtime animation playback on every gaming platform with a floating point unit and a C compiler. The Granny Animation Studio makes it easy to assemble complicated character behavior graphically, without requiring a round-trip through the programming team.  She also contains a large array of tools for conditioning your data to make it ready for shipping and many, many other utilities. Most of our clients are in the games and entertainment fields, but Granny has been used to help develop everything from education software, to training simulations, to slot machines.

Your humble author is Dave Moore, I handle the development and support of Granny here at RAD. The idea of starting the RAD Granny blog is to provide a place to talk about tips, tricks, and updates that don't quite belong in the Granny documentation and are too long for @granny3d. Thanks for reading!