Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Revenge of the Return of the Granny Blog

It's been a long time, but the Granny Blog is back!

Granny version is out! It would impossible to talk about all the changes since the last post here (in 2011!), but I'll talk a bit about the what's new in over

The Animation Studio has received a bunch of UI improvements. It's now darker, harder edged, less cluttered and functions more like typical windowed systems, with more consistent menu and window behavior. The basic interaction with nodes has been streamlined. The possibility of accidental changes while dragging nodes around has been limited, and actions that are rare in the long tail of the development cycle (like renaming a node and setting which state is the start state) have been moved into menus rather than cluttering up the main node interface.

The Animation Studio can now display a retargeted character (either with retargeting done at each animation... needed if you're doing IK somewhere in your blend graphs, or by retargeting once at the end, which is a little faster).

You can drag a gr2 animation directly only to the Animation Studio window and it'll automatically add it to the animation set and make a node for it.

The Animation Studio gets an unattended mode, so it can exit without dialog boxes on error conditions if you're using it to process data.

Blend nodes now have a 'cyclic' option, so that you can blend between the last and first element of the blend node. This is useful when creating strafe animations.

There is a new option to highlight blend graph nodes that are inputs to the currently-selected node. This is very useful when trying to see where an input is coming from.

3DS Max 2018 exporter support has also been added!

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